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YOU can do CrossFit

Yes, YOU can do CrossFit

I tend to get asked by random strangers what I do as far as working out. Sorry
guys, this is kind of a “woman thing.” Women tend to compliment women and I
suppose it’s more acceptable for a woman to admire another woman’s body.
So, when I respond with “I do CrossFit”, the most common response I get is,
“I could never do CrossFit”. I am sure there are a lot of people reading this
thinking the exact same thing right now and I am here to tell you, “YES YOU CAN!”

Trust me, I know you have read about all of the reasons you shouldn’t do CrossFit,
you have seen all of the Instagram memes making fun of CrossFit and you “hear”
about how CrossFit is dangerous, and we are always injuring ourselves. Right?
Well, wrong!

My CrossFit Journey

First, let me share with you, that I actually felt this exact same way. CrossFit
sounded crazy to me! “How can a 10-15 workout be effective?”, “What is a
snatch?”, and “I’m never going upside down”, are all things that crossed my mind.
I had watched the CrossFit Games on TV and saw the athletes flinging themselves
on top of pull-up bars, lifting what looked like 1000 pounds over their heads and
doing handstand push-ups (I didn’t even know that was a thing)! And not to
mention, all of these girls (and guys) were jacked! I can see why people are scared
and think that CrossFit isn’t for them; but like many things, what you see on TV is
not reality.

Why CrossFit?!

Let me rewind and tell you a little bit more about my training background and
how I started doing CrossFit. After years of working out with a trainer, doing spin,
Barre classes, Pilates, Beachbody home workouts, Bodypump at Gold’s Gym, etc.,
I found myself so BORED. I was complacent, my body wasn’t changing, and I didn’t
feel challenged. I wanted to feel like a bad ass after my workout was complete. I
wanted to feel like I did a “real” workout. Behold; CrossFit! I went to my first
basics class and felt out of shape and not to mention like a fool. Basics class 2 & 3
completed, and I am now ready for my first class. I am SO nervous. We start
with deadlifts and I do a whole 85 lbs. (not bad for my first class). The WOD
(workout of the day) consists of box jumps, burpees and rowing. YUCK! I am able
to jump on the small green box with one plate on top of it. Either way, I get
through it. Success. As time goes on, I stay consistent with my workouts, going on
average 5 days a week. I realize there is a ton of stuff I am unable to do; pull-ups,

handstands, overhead squats, REAL push-ups, toes to bar. For someone who
thought they were in decent shape, this was a humbling experience to say the

What I Learned 

Now, here is the important part. What I learned is that every workout was able to
be modified to my ability level. So, what if I couldn’t do a pull-up yet? I did pull-
ups with bands instead, and as time went on, I lessened the weight of those
bands and I continued to get stronger. So, what if I couldn’t do toes-to-bar? I hung
on the bar anyway and I raised my knees as high as I could, and I continued to get
stronger. So, what if I couldn’t overhead squat 65 pounds? I did less weight and as
time went on, I increased the weight I lifted, and eventually I could do the 65
pounds in a workout. You get the point, right? No one starts out as a super
athlete and CrossFit allows you to push yourself to do more, lift more, run further;
all at your own pace!

Fast forward to today and I have come a LONG way. It hasn’t been easy, and it has
been hard work, but I LOVE it. I received my CF-L1 just over a year ago and now I
get to do what I love on a full-time basis.

Why OnePlus?

At OnePlus Strength & Conditioning/OP CrossFit, we truly want to make you
better. We are not “just” CrossFit. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to fitness
that encourages well-rounded Strength and Conditioning training. We will help
you become stronger, more mobile, gain endurance, and change your body in the
process. Our coaches will work with you to assess your level and modify and scale
all movements to your ability in a SAFE environment. I promise that you will get
the same workout as I do, and as time goes on, you will be able to do more then
you ever thought possible. Additionally, our classes are small, never exceeding 12
people, so that you can get the individualized attention that you want and need. I
know CrossFit seems scary at first, but you REALLY can do it! Let us guide you and
show you what we are all about. Check out our schedule here and come try your
first class for FREE!

Jeannine Wild
Assistant Head Coach