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Taking a Self-Care Reset Trip Will Help Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Taking a break and going on vacation, if nobody ever told you, is integral to your long-term health and wellbeing. The daily grind and the sameness of your routine – even when you exercise and otherwise take care of yourself – will eventually wear your body down and affect your mood. By going on a trip, as Select Health can confirm, you can reset, unwind, and experience much more joy in your life. Did we mention it strengthens your mind and staves off heart disease?

OnePlus Strength and Conditioning – in line with our goal of helping you holistic fitness – encourages you to take a self-care reset trip this year to complement the fitness work you do with us. We cover 5 city destinations that are not only exciting and beautiful but also soul-filling and beneficial to your overall wellness.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is home to majestic, awe-inspiring red rock formations that are more a religious experience than they are a natural attraction. It’s no wonder this breathtaking city is widely viewed as America’s most happening spiritual retreat. Go here if you want to get away from it all and just be. Some self-care activities in Sedona you may enjoy are wildland trekking, spiritual retreats, and exciting jeep adventures. If you make this city your home, you can follow a spiritual lifestyle, with an emphasis on healing and living in the present moment.

Kauai, Hawaii

If you’ve always loved the water and the sea, then there’s no place like Kauai, Hawaii. This gorgeous “Garden Isle” is chock-full of water-related activities, from cruise sailing to adventure surfing, and everything in between. Water isn’t all there is in Kauai: you can take breathtaking helicopter tours, visit the stunning Waimea Canyon, and go hiking in Koke’s State Park. If you ever move to Hawaii, you’ll be signing up for the laid-back, harmonious Hawaiian culture that embraces values such as “Aloha” – caring for the environment and each other.

Jacksonville, Florida 

When you wish to visit a more urban destination with your family, offering a balance of nature and touristy attractions, Jacksonville, Florida should top your list. This beautiful city is 15 percent parkland, has an affable climate, large stretches of beaches, the 30-mile Emerald Trail, and a never-ending supply of things to do. Your kids may enjoy visiting the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Little Talbot Island, and Kingsley Plantation. This city is growing rapidly because it offers low taxes, plenty of space, and good job opportunities, making it a great place to relocate to.

San Antonio, Texas

The final city on our list is our very own (for our in-state readers) San Antonio, Texas. Who said you have to blow your hard-earned money on an exotic destination when you can have a “staycation” without compromising on any of the excitement or fun? Even if you’ve lived here all your life, you’d be surprised at how much this gem of a city has to offer – you’ll likely need a handful of lifetimes to see everything there is to see.

This city, as you may know, is full of grassy hills, flowery meadows, classy walkways, and idyllic parks and peaches. Being here is a lot like being a part of a living, breathing magical painting. The top self-care and relaxation activities we can recommend are visiting River Walk, taking the kids to Natural Bridge Ranch, and exploring Natural Bridge Caverns. You are also, of course, welcome to sign up for one of OnePlus’ fitness programs. Residents of San Antonio praise this city’s cheap housing, low cost of living, welcoming culture, and high growth rate.

As a side note, if you’re planning to move to San Antonio (or relocate if you already live here) and aren’t quite ready to buy, finding a rental property won’t be too hard. As we mentioned, housing is pretty affordable right now. You can quickly find a rental in San Antonio on a site like by setting your price range. You can further filter by pet-friendliness, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and amenities offered – you won’t have trouble finding a compatible property, essentially. For instance, an approx. 700 sq. ft. 1 Bed, 1 Bath furnished apartment in Selma, with air conditioning, washing and drying, a balcony, and dishwasher, and swimming pool is an affordable $1,100 (or so) per month.


If you have any unused paid leave, don’t hesitate to put it to good use by going on a self-care journey. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, have a great time, and, who knows, even find a new home for yourself that excites and fulfills in equal measure.