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Principles applied to our Core Program:

  • Pillar Preparation: Individualized prep based on movement screening
  • Movement Preparation: Session prep based on movement skill session
  • Plyometrics: Activation based on movement skill session
  • Movement Skills: Based on dominant movement demands in sport.
  • Medicine Ball: Activation based on strength-power session
  • Strength-Power: Based on dominant strength quality demands in sport.
  • Energy Systems Development: Based on dominant energy system demands in sport.
  • Regeneration: Recovery based on total demands of training session.
  • Mindset: You can’t control everything. Control what you can, but train to overcome obstacles, not succumb to them. As part of a healthy training plan, practice being adaptable. You have to keep the mindset that you can do anything.

OnePlus Strength and Conditioning + CrossFit

OnePlus Core Program: 60 min training class with a certified Coach.

A comprehensive and injury-reducing training program based on physiological principles, designed exclusively for our gym population.

In addition to increasing overall fitness and athletic performance, members reduce the risk and occurrence of injury, maximize physical potential, and develop a sense of community through training with people from different backgrounds and athletic levels.

We use year-round periodization to accommodate performance characteristics such as strength, power/explosiveness, hypertrophy, speed, agility, and endurance.

Our athletes do a variety of ground-based, multi-joint exercises, gymnastics body weight, and sports off season methods of training along with Olympic and Power Lifting movements to accomplish these goals.

Additionally, each training session is supplemented with injury prevention: warm up and cool down exercises that focus on joint stabilization, stretching/mobility, and proprioception. We treat this as an equally important part of training along with prehab, recovery and nutrition.

Our Core Strength and Conditioning Porgram + CrossFit is based on 1 year of training period. 1 Macrocycle. 6 Mesocycles. 9 Microcycles. 52 weeks of the year. 324 Days of training per year.