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On-site Massage to Aid in your Recovery

OnePlus Strength & Conditioning is excited to announce our new partnership with Walker Hands Massage. This partnership builds on our mission and vision of creating an environment that encompasses all aspects of training. Our workouts are just one part of being a complete athlete. Nutrition, rehab, sleep, mindset and recovery to name a few, are all factors that play into our training. With your recovery in mind, having an onsite massage therapist adds to the value we want for members when coming to our gym. We will be dedicating a private space in our front lobby so that you can enjoy your massage distraction free!

Here are a few reasons to implement massage into your recovery:

  • Increase muscle range
  • Increase circulation and nutrition to damaged tissue
  • Deactivate symptomatic trigger points
  • Promote efficient scar formation following acute trauma
  • Reduce excessive adhesion and scar formation following chronic trauma
  • Reduce excessive fascial thickening
  • Reduce spasm secondary to pain
  • Decrease neuronal excitability

Overall, massage can aid the process of recovery, especially as you change your program, add weight or attempt something different in your normal routine. If you are new to CrossFit, massage is even more relevant because you will be learning new skills and movements that will recruit muscles you have not been using.

Techniques such as trigger point therapy and myofascial release will help reduce and release adhesions and knots, ensuring your muscles return to their optimum state a lot quicker. 

Massage helps relieve pain and promote the growth of new muscle cells while repairing the damaged ones. Even if you are not in pain, massage will improve muscle function, thus making you more efficient while recovering and competing (Sam Brindle, “Benefits of Sports Massage for CrossFitters” TheBox Oct 20th, 2016)

Frank will be at the gym this coming Monday, July 29thafter the Noon class for complimentary massages. He will be taking appointments for Friday, August 3rd. If you are interested in booking 30 minutes or an hour with Frank, please let Lufe or Jeannine know. We are in the process of adding him to MindBody and soon you will be able to book easily through the app!