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Nutrition in San Antonio

Nutrition in San Antonio

Fitness, nutrition, and health are inseparable. Whichever physical activity you do, regardless of how physically demanding it is, nutrition will be vital in reaching your goals. Are you a professional athlete, a keen cross-fitter, or do sports recreationally? Then you need to have a nutritious and balanced diet to give your body proper fuel. In general, the food you eat will affect how you look and how you feel. We all know that regular exercise is important, but the way we eat will impact our results the most. At OnePlus, we strive to improve nutrition in San Antonio and provide our clients with guidance on how to reach their fitness goals with a healthy and balanced diet along with a regular workout.

Diet and Our Beliefs

We don’t believe in fad diets; we don’t follow them nor recommend them to our clients. Popular diets promise weight loss and other health advantages without solid scientific backing. Many of them do have some positive aspects, but they are highly detrimental to your health in the long run. The reason is very simple. Fad diets are usually highly restrictive and, in some cases, based on eliminating entire food groups, such as grains or dairy. In addition, these diets often involve some costly and unusual dietary supplements. Most of the time, these are completely unnecessary.

These diet plans are also unsustainable in most cases. If the way you eat is too restrictive, you will likely lose motivation very quickly. The enthusiasm will fade away after a few weeks, and you will be back to your old ways before you know it.

At OnePlus, we believe that each person requires an individual approach. Diet plans should be tailored to an individual’s physical activity levels, food items they like to eat, and goals they are trying to achieve. We also firmly believe that a well-balanced diet must involve all food groups. Eliminating a particular food item is only acceptable in case of allergies, food intolerance, or ethical issues.

These are the principles we base our nutrition coaching on, attempting to teach our clients about the healthy and sustainable eating habits they can implement in their lives and stick to them.

Nutrition in San Antonio According to OnePlus

First, it’s essential to understand that weight loss and fat loss are not the same. If you want to maintain lean muscle, you need to burn fat. Usually, the number you see on the scale doesn’t mean much – it’s what you can see in the mirror that counts.

Our goal is to educate you on a proper diet by explaining the basics of biochemistry and metabolic processes in our bodies. When creating nutrition plans for our clients, we consider the entire person and develop a personalized plan suited to your daily and weekly demands. At the same time, we always make sure to respect scientific principles.

That is something fad diets lack and the reason why they don’t work in the long run. When it comes to nutrition, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Nutrition Coaching at OnePlus

All of our coaches are highly trained fitness specialists, and we have two coaches who are Sports Nutrition Specialists – Lufe and Jeannine.

We focus on how to fuel the body of an active person adequately. If OnePlus is the gym in San Antonio you have chosen, you are active, and your diet should be suited for that kind of physical activity. Keto, paleo, low-carb, high-fat, low-calory, or any other nonsense fad will not work for you. When you start fueling your body with nutrient-dense meals that include all macro and micronutrients you need, you will notice your body lose fat. Moreover, you will see it become more toned, sculpted, and lean. Proper nutrition will also reflect on your strength and endurance. As a result, you will see the difference in the mirror and notice an improvement in your performance.

We understand that it’s difficult to fend off all the contradictory information attacking you from all sides. The best way to see if something works for you is to be mindful of how you feel. If your diet makes you miserable, you find yourself craving sweets and junk, or you lack energy, you are doing something wrong. We don’t believe in strict rules and restrictions. If you know you are allowed a small bit of something sweet, for example, your cravings will be at bay. That is the only way to maintain a healthy diet and achieve long-term results.

Nutrition and Our Fitness Philosophy Combined

Our primary goal is to help our clients continuously be better. It doesn’t only involve working on your body, but your mind as well. We believe that education is the basis for everything, and there is no actual progress without knowledge. Therefore, we do our best to teach you how to get better and help you understand why a particular methodology works. When you know how something works and what you need to do so that it works, only then can you make progress.

Our fitness philosophy transcends the gym. We will teach you about your body and its abilities and provide you with techniques you can implement in your daily life to stay fit and healthy.

These techniques will help you go through times in life when you can’t focus on your fitness entirely. Changing jobs and moving are such times, for example. You could be under a lot of stress when looking for the best places for job-seekers. It’s understandable that during these times, you lose motivation. If you are moving to San Antonio for a job, you will be happy to learn that it is among the best places to find work. It is also a place with an incredible community. You will fit right in, and be sure that if you join OnePlus, we will be right there to cheer you on!

Work With Us To Improve Nutrition in San Antonio

OnePlus is a part of a fantastic community. Together, we can reach impressive fitness results, bring the awareness of the importance of healthy living to a higher level, and enhance the way people see nutrition in San Antonio. Contact us, choose one of the programs we offer, and start your journey to become the best possible version of yourself.

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