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1035 Austin Highway, San Antonio, TX 78209


Gym in San Antonio

Gym in San Antonio

Are you looking for a gym where you can feel at home and get the attention and expertise you need to achieve your fitness goals and get in the best shape of your life? Look no more because a gym in San Antonio has all you are looking for and more! OnePlus is more than a regular gym – we are a fitness center. It means that we will create customized plans just for you. We consider all the aspects of your health and lifestyle to create a program that will ensure you reach your goals and feel satisfied in your body.

A person is more than meets the eye, and our fitness instructors are fully aware of that. To create an effective fitness plan, it is necessary to consider a client’s flexibility and fitness levels, as well as their dietary needs. We understand that being fit is more than just going to the gym and doing the work. There is more to it than running, lifting, and flexing. Being fit is a way of life. With our help, you will get in shape and stay that way, without frustration and constant hunger.

Where are we?

You can find us at 1035 Austin Highway in Alamo Heights.

Alamo Heights is a vibrant place where you will enjoy every minute, surrounded by its continually enhancing native beauty. It is a place with a unique sense of community that we are happy and proud to be a part of. It is considered the friendliest city in Texas for a good reason. Our welcoming community is diverse and exhibits honesty and integrity in everything it does.

It’s a very safe and family-friendly place where you can enjoy some breathtaking views. Parents and kids are always outside, walking or riding their bikes. The neighborhood is very clean and kept up, which speaks volumes about our community. In addition, this is the place where neighbors look out for each other. The close-knit community spirit OnePlus is part of is reflected in how we approach our clients and do business.

If you are looking for a gym in San Antonio with a local vibe and where you will get a more personal approach, feel free to reach out for more details. Or just drop in! If you don’t have an appointment, you don’t need to worry or delay your visit. There is nothing we love more than an unannounced curious visitor. Just check out our Class Schedule and get here only 10 minutes early so we can show you around and introduce you to the coach.

Are you new to the neighborhood?

Join a gym in San Antonio to meet friendly people and improve your fitness.

Moving to a new home is one of the most stressful experiences one can go through. A lot goes into moving preparation, from picking the perfect home to packing and transporting your belongings and yourself. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you probably have some gym equipment that needs transporting. It’s essential to know how to prepare in the right way when it comes to such pieces. And then you have to get used to the new environment and learn how to feel at home. All that can build up stress, so why not blow off some steam in a friendly environment where you can meet some great people and work on your fitness?

Who are our coaches?

Our coaches are trained, certified, and experienced professionals guaranteed to help you reach results beyond your wildest dreams. Let’s meet!

Our head coach

Lufe Torres is a head coach and a partner owner. He has been in the fitness industry his entire life, and he studies karate, aikido, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Lufe was also a member of the military pentathlon, swimming, diving, and triathlon team. He is a team player as well, having played semi-professional soccer, rowing, and track and field.

He believes that fitness and education go hand in hand, and this kind of approach is reflected in the way we approach each client. Your fitness journey is paved with learning opportunities. So, we strive to help you learn how to be better and understand why you are getting better every step of the way.

Our assistant head coach

Jeannine Wild loves CrossFit, high-intensity training, and building strength. She is a certified trainer and loves working at OnePlus because it allows her to help her clients become the best possible versions of themselves through coaching and education.

Our other coaches

Jason Cottrel has the endurance game down! He competed in triathlons and running and cycling competitions. But his philosophy changed, and he moved from strictly endurance training to incorporating lifting and strength training. He is a certified CrossFit instructor and has a USA Weightlifting Sport-Coaching certification.

Grant Wieman has been involved in sports and fitness his whole life. At first, he started with functional fitness on his own, but then he joined a CrossFit gym and started competing in endurance events, such as triathlons and open water swimming. He is a certified CrossFit instructor, and he also has certificates in Aerobic Capacity, Running, and Strongman. His goal is to inspire athletes to take their fitness activities outside the gym and truly make it their lifestyle.

Certified coaches will help you reach your fitness goals.

Kassady Hannam is a BootCamp head coach and a pre- and post-natal specialist coach. Her primary goal is to help people experience all the positive effects of healthy diet and lifestyle choices. Besides fitness and nutrition, she focuses on having a positive outlook on life. She is a certified health and fitness coach, and she received certification from the American Council of Exercise.

OnePlus is more than just a gym in San Antonioย 

You can pick any gym in San Antonio. Any positive change you bring into your life is welcome and should be applauded. But we will give you more. Before we begin the training process, we will assess your abilities and create a personalized plan. It minimizes the chances of injury and ensures better results. We consider your wishes and goals and modify programs to align with them. Moreover, we put a lot of focus on educating you to perform well and achieve success.


Meta: Read about a gym in San Antonio that is more than just a regular gym. OnePlus will help you reach your fitness goals with a personalized approach and teach you to become a better version of yourself.