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Fitness Philosophy

Our goal is to constantly make you better. This means training both your body and your mind. We must understand how to get better and why a certain methodology works before we can achieve our goals.

Throughout your time at OnePlus fitness, you will learn about your body and its abilities. You will also learn about fitness philosophy and techniques that you can use in your daily life to stay fit.

For instance, what is the difference between training, testing, performing, and working out? Are you just going to the gym to burn off that cheeseburger you’re going to eat later? Then you’re not training; you’re working out.

We’ll take the time to educate you on all-around fitness at a comfortable, natural pace.


One of the most important principles we embrace at OnePlus is the concept of supercompensation.


OnePlus Crossfit Strength & Conditioning - Supercompensation


Although it may seem complicated, supercompensation is actually a very simple concept.

When an initial stress is introduced, say, an hour of strength training, your body begins to tire due to soreness, fatigue, and stiffness. If you are not overworked, your body will slowly begin to recover, or compensate for these stresses.

Eventually, the body begins to super-compensate. This means your body has become used to the initial stresses and has now adapted to them. If you’re training with a skilled instructor, they will know this, increase workload, and therefore increase your performance. This then raises the old performance baseline to a new, improved level.

But, if your coach pushes you too hard instead of gradually adjusting to your initial fatigue, your body will instead plummet into over-performance and severe injury can occur.

Throughout your fitness journey at OnePlus, you’ll not only get better physically, but you will learn why and how you got there.

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