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Amazing Benefits of Weightlifting for Women

According to wellness experts, regular physical activity should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. Along with balanced nutrition and healthy sleep patterns, exercising is there to keep us strong, both physically and mentally. This is something that applies to both men and women. But there is a difference in the way men and women work out. It’s a very gendered thing where men do more weightlifting, boxing, etc. Exercises that can be deemed as “masculine.” On the other hand, women are more turned to more “gentle” exercises such as yoga or Pilates. But this is a wrong approach because then both sides are missing out. For example, weightlifting. Did you know there are some amazing benefits of weightlifting for women? And many women are missing out on this for no reason. We decided to tell you about those benefits to inspire women to give it a try.

Weightlifting is good for your heart

Let’s start with the health benefits of weightlifting. Doing this type of exercise regularly will help lower your blood pressure and strengthen your heart. And it can also reduce the chances of you having a stroke. But you can’t just do this exercise randomly and expect these results. You need to consult with a professional first. Typically, they will tell you to use dumbbells and barbells that are not too heavy at the beginning. The key is to start slow. You can’t just start lifting extremely heavy weights right away without any prior experience. Because not only will it not have the cardiovascular benefits we mentioned, but there is a high possibility that you will get injured instead. So, if you are genetically predisposed to heart disease or just want to get healthier, weightlifting is a great way to start.

Weightlifting speeds up your metabolism, and in turn, you lose weight quicker

It helps you lose weight

Exercises like Pilates and yoga are great for women. They improve your flexibility, and they are great for your mental health. But they are not the best tool when it comes to losing weight. And that is another one of the amazing benefits of weightlifting for women, helping you lose weight. This is very helpful because obesity is a big problem today. It’s also the cause of many horrible diseases. Weightlifting speeds up your metabolism and allows you to burn fat more quickly. You can spend hours sweating it out on a mat, but it won’t have the same effect as a good weightlifting routine. If you have been eating a little too much over the holidays or you got instructions from your doctor that you need to lose a bit of weight, consider trying weightlifting.

You don’t have to leave your house to do it

Women often stop working out because they simply don’t have the time. They have to go to work, run errands, take care of their kids, etc. That doesn’t leave much time to go to a yoga studio or Pilates class. But weightlifting is a lot simpler than that. You just need to have a little space you can work in, in your house, in order to start lifting weights. If you don’t have enough space in your home currently, you should consider setting up a home gym after moving to a bigger home one day. However, even if you don’t have a separate space where you can work out right now, you can just buy a few dumbbells and do it in your living room.


One of the benefits of weightlifting for women is improved confidence

Exercising is a great way to build confidence. Especially weightlifting. That’s because it is a challenge and requires you to push yourself both mentally and physically. For women, it’s even harder, so it’s more satisfying in the end when you manage to lift weights you never thought possible before. When you work hard in order to achieve something, your confidence builds as well as your belief in yourself. Not to mention how much stronger you will get if weightlifting becomes a regular part of your routine. Feeling strong and comfortable in your body is tightly linked with confidence. Your body image will improve as well, which is important because many women struggle with this, especially after giving birth. Women who have taken up weightlifting have said that their confidence grew after only a few months, and they stopped hating their bodies.

Weightlifting helps you avoid other injuries


When you are not really in shape or just trying to get back to working out after a long pause, there is a high possibility you will get injured in some way. When you don’t have the strength or flexibility, it’s much easier to slip or fall. Also, twisted ankles and knee injuries are common. And that is where weightlifting comes in. As we said before, weightlifting builds strength. It makes your muscles, bones, and tendons stronger. When you weightlift regularly, your muscles are more flexible, and your posture improves immensely. This makes it less likely that you will get injured as your body is strong enough to handle the pressure of other exercises.

Weightlifting makes you look fit and strong but not too muscular

You will be fit but won’t look too muscular

One of the first things most women tell their trainers once they get to the gym is that they won’t be strong and fit, not look too buff and muscular. This is usually their main goal, and that’s why most women avoid exercises like weightlifting, as they think it will make them look big and less feminine. But that is far from the truth. Women and man are different, with different levels of testosterone, so lifting weights affect them differently. Because men have such high testosterone levels, they bulk up more easily from lifting weights. But that’s not the only reason men get so big. It’s because it is actually their goal to bulk up, so they combine weightlifting with a high-calorie intake. On the other hand, women don’t have testosterone levels like men, and weightlifting will make them fit and strong without making them look big and muscular.


In conclusion

The benefits of weightlifting for women are numerous. From making you feel strong and confident yet still looking feminine, you definitely won’t regret giving it a chance!

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