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There’s fitness

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OnePlus isn’t just a gym, we’re a fitness center. We create customized plans that encompass all aspects of health, from fitness to flexibility and dietary needs. Because being fit isn’t just about lifting, running, or flexing. Being fit is about living well. At OnePlus, we strive to achieve fitness with:

  • Private assessments to benchmark progress
  • Science-based, in-house program development
  • Educated coaching staff and high-end facility
  • Smaller class sizes to make fitness a team effort
  • Measurable results and a better you


We use proven techniques to assess your abilities before we begin the training process. This means less injury, a more customized training plan, and better results.

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Your coach will create and modify programming to align to your personal goals and abilities and walk you through every step of your training, ensuring success.

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An often-overlooked part of fitness is education. Through every step of your fitness journey, your coach will ensure that you’re just learning how to get better, but why you’re getting better.

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Every schedule is different.

fit fitness into yours.

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Business professionals have many unique challenges when it comes to fitness. They often work long hours with no consistent schedule. High-stress workdays make fitness a chore. But our training staff creates programs for you to help meet your goals. Want to get fit? Simple: all you have to do is show up ready to work.



Parents are constantly busy. Whether you’re running your kids to school, planning events, or just managing the household, your time is valuable. OnePlus’s classes are specifically designed to meet your goals and your schedule. Come in for a morning session to get energy throughout the day, at lunch when you have a second to yourself, or in the evening to blow off steam.



Athletes that participate in different sports have different needs. You need to work on becoming more competitive in your specific sport. Our coaches will sit down with you to discuss your goals, specific nutrition requirements, training regiment, your recovery needs, and create a program tailored to you and your goals.


All Ages and Abilities

No matter your age or ability, you’re welcome at OnePlus. Everyone has strengths and limitations. That’s why we start by assessing your goals and create a plan that works for you, not against you. Functional Movement Screens and physical assessments help keep you training more and recovering less.

Train With Experts

Meet Our Coaches

head coach and partner

Lufe Torres

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“At OnePlus you’re more than a client. You’re part of a team. We train together. We work together. We grow together. That’s what makes OnePlus different.”

-lufe torres, Head Coach & Partner

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